Yankee Barn Homes

Yankee Barn Homes

If you want to build a beautiful barn house quickly and affordably, one company you might consider is Yankee Barn Homes. Not only does this builder have a range of exceptional barn home floor plans to choose from, but they also use an innovative panelized building system to rapidly and affordably construct high-quality homes.

In this profile, we will explain the benefits of the Yankee Barn Homes building system and share examples of a few of their floor plans. But first, let’s learn a little bit more about the company itself.

Company History

Yankee Barn Homes has been in the business of custom home design for more than half a century now. When you order from this company, they will build their prefabricated panels in their New Hampshire factory, and then ship them to your building site to assemble. You do not need to be located in the northeast to order from them; Yankee Barn Homes ships throughout the US and abroad.

Yankee Barn Homes explains how they keep design costs low to give customers as many options as possible: “With Yankee Barn Homes, the custom design fee is purposely low and part of your Home Shell Package.  This allows you to compare builder costs when you are ready and integrate a true post and beam frame into your design.”

Yankee Barn Homes Panelized Building System Benefits

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Having been around for so long, Yankee Barn Homes is among the companies that first pioneered post and beam prefab panel houses. That means they have the manufacturing process down to a science. Here are some of the benefits of their prefab panel building system for barn houses:

  • Quality control: The Yankee Barn Homes factory provides a setting where the company can practice rigorous quality control, ensuring that each panel they output is built with the utmost precision. Contrast that with the unpredictable conditions that can compromise quality at a building site when using traditional means of construction.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Since there is less material waste and time involved in producing prefab panels than in building a home traditionally on-site, this means that Yankee Barn Homes’ methods of construction are also cost-effective.
  • Turn-around time: You will be impressed by just how rapidly Yankee Barn Homes can complete construction using their panel system. The company estimates that you will be able to move into your home within 6-9 months in most cases.
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing: As we mentioned previously, the Yankee Barn Homes building process is one that minimizes material waste. So, if green construction methods are important to you, you will be delighted to know that you are doing your part to preserve the environment by working with this company.
  • High quality: The company works hard to ensure that finished structures are durable and energy-efficient. Yankee Barn Homes writes, “Yankee Barn’s wall panels are fully wood framed, load bearing with high insulation values (R28-R40+) and most windows installed reducing labor and waste on site. We use Zip® as the exterior sheathing.”
  • A streamlined, reliable process: Since Yankee has been manufacturing these homes for many years, they are able to move quickly and efficiently through each stage of the process, starting with building and finishing with you moving into your new home. You will find them responsive and pleasant to work with through every step.

How Much Do Yankee Barn Homes Cost?

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It will cost you about the same to build a Yankee Barn Home as it would a custom stick-frame home. The company writes, “We find that our homes have a finished cost of $350 (minimum) and up per square foot, depending on factors including interior finishes. Finish cost does not include land or site work.”

Yankee Barn Homes Price Examples

Let’s take a look at some floor plans for Yankee Barn Homes’ prefab shell homes. Remember, Yankee Barn Homes specializes in custom homes. So, they can adjust any of these floor plans to your needs, or work with you to create an entirely new floor plan from the ground up.

1. Sawyer Farmhouse

Sawyer Farmhouse

For a barn home with a classic look and feel, consider the Sawyer Farmhouse. With 3,099 square feet of space including 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, it has plenty of room for a family.

The floor plan features a great room which is open to above, adjoining a dining room, the kitchen, and the entryway. The master bedroom downstairs features its own master bathroom and a walk-in closet. There is also a mudroom and laundry room next to the kitchen. Upstairs are dramatic balconies and additional bedrooms and bathrooms. The feeling is one of exquisite openness.

2. Lynnfield

If you fancy a large barn house with a roomy porch, then the Lynnfield floor plan may be right for you. It is a collaboration between Yankee Barn Homes and Lakes Region Design Group. The total square footage for the home is 3,264 square feet. It has 4-5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Along with the wraparound porch, the other exciting feature defining this house is its 869 square foot garage with triple bays. That garage is perfect for the enthusiast wanting to store multiple cars and/or boats, or for anyone who wants a large amount of garage space to use for work or hobbies.

3. Craftsbury Cottage
craftsbury cottage

If you want to build a home with a more modest size, then you will want to check out the 1,713 square foot Craftsbury Cottage. It is large enough to fit 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, yet it has a delightfully quaint appearance.

On the ground floor, you’ll find the great room, dining room, master bedroom, kitchen, and downstairs bathroom, as well as a large covered porch in front and a screen porch in back. Upstairs is the loft and balcony, as well as a deck.

4. Winslow Carriage House and Studio
carriage house
Winslow Carriage House

This house layout was a commission designed by the clients. The farmhouse measures 2,434 square feet. The carriage house adds 1,197 square feet, and the studio is 480 square feet. If you need your home to fill multiple functions, these divisions of space should work well for your requirements. The original design was also off-the-grid, so it would probably be easy to adapt to another off-the-grid location if that is your desire.

5. Windsor Farmhouse

If you are dreaming of a grand colonial farmhouse, then you will love this 3,186 square foot beauty with its 2-3 beds and 2.5 baths. While many of Yankee’s houses feature open ceilings above their great rooms, that is not the case in this home. As a result, the feel inside is a bit more cozy and enclosed. It also makes for more bedroom space on the second floor.

Get Your Own Custom Home from Yankee Barn Homes

If you enjoyed the floor plans we shared and are excited by the highly efficient panelized building system Yankee Barn Homes employs, then one of these farmhouse modular homes may be right for you.

To shop floor plans or request a quote now, visit YankeeBarnHomes.com.

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